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Our History

Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 1977, used to be Wenzhou Liangguang Amusement Equipment factory , who is first one who introduce the foreign technology, like powered painting, sand blasting to China and build the trampoline park.

Since establishment, we are striving for best quality of the products. All of our products have been patented and approved by CE, TUV, ASTM, SGS, and we are the first trampoline park manufacturer who have got both the TUV and ASTM certificates at the same time , besides that we are also the first one who got the CHINAMARK certificates issued by TUV. Now we cooperate with TUV to build the China Trampoline Park standard, which will finish soon.

Our main products include the trampoline, trampoline park, bungee trampoline, playground, soft play, rope course, ninja course, etc . And our main markets include Australia, USA,Europe, Middle East, Asia,Africa, etc. We always cooperate and exchange experience with famous foreign counterparts which makes our products and service integrated into the global market.

Here we have the best designing, sales, manufacturing , marketing, installation, after-sales team , who will offer the good quality products and excellent service to you, we always want to make mutual benefit and win-win situation. You only need to tell us what you want and need, then we will do the rest for you.

Sincerely welcome you join us to make progress and brilliant achievement hand-in-hand, thank you!

1. In 1977 , Mr Wu Liangguang established Yonglin Teaching Equipment Factory , and made the first small round trampoline in China.

2. In 2003, we changed the name as Wenzhou Liangguang Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd, and registered the first trampoline brand “Liangguang”, at the same time we did introduced the foreign technology to make the first adults trampoline in China, and exported the four in one , six in one trampoline to the USA and Europe.

3. From 2003-2004, we were audited A credit enterprise by Postal Savings Bank of China.

4. In 2005, we extended our production scale, and we moved our factory from Butou village to Jingyang village, and also changed our name to Wenzhou Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

5. In 2005, we got award of double guarantee for quality and credit enterprises from CQGC

6. In the beginning of 2005 , we took about one month to build the first trampoline park under the guidance of the customer’s engineer from the USA, and exported it to the Miami, and that park is still under operation.

7. In 2008, our trampoline, bungee trampoline, trampoline park, gyroscope passed the CE test and got the certificates.

8. In 2009 , we used the 80*40MM galvanized frame to make the big trampoline and exported to Australia by self - developed and design.

9. From 2009-2013, Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Amusement supplied total 70% trampoline park of Australian market.

10. In 2013, Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Amusement improved the  technology and materials and used the 100*50MM frame to make the trampoline, and introduced the ATPA standard to make the first foam pit .

11. In 2014, due to the continuous expansion of production capacity , we moved to Qiaoxia town and changed the name as Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd , and increase in registered capital from 5 million RMB to 58 million RMB, and got a lot of design and utility patent for our trampoline , bungee products.

12. By the end of 2014, Xiaofeixia Amusement built the first trampoline park in Guangzhou , China, then opened the business gate of trampoline park for domestic market.

13. In 2015, Xiaofeixia Amusement passed the ISO9001:2008

14. From 2015, Xiaofeixia started to take participate in many international amusement equipment shows all around the world, and become the authorized member and supplier of IAAPA, EAS, DEAL, ATRAX, etc.

15. In 2015, Xiaofeixia Amusement built the biggest trampoline park in China, called Jump360, now they have two park, one is 5000 square meters and another one is 4000 square meters.

16. In 2015, Xiaofeixia Amusement passed the test by TUV european standard and ASTM standard for trampoline park and got the certificates , and also confirmed the structure and materials with TUV , which was 80*80MM frame.

17. In 2016, Xiaofeixia Amusement got an award of Ten High growth Enterprises of Wenzhou Teaching and Toys industry, also become the vice president of Wenzhou Teaching and Toy Association.

18. In 2016, Xiaofeixia Amusement invited Mr Liu Qipeng, who is the world champion for trampoline , to be our spokesman, and we are the first and only one who have the spokesman in the whole teaching toy and amusement equipment industry.

19. In 2016, Xiaofeixia Amusement got an award of Manufacturing Excellence&Innovation for trampoline park.

20. From 2008 - 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement became the BQS manufacturer and supplier of Alibaba, and got title of Golden Goods Enterprises.

21. In 2017, due to the high quality of trampoline, Xiaofeixia Amusement was chose to be the sponsor of China Trampoline Championship Competition , and we become the official sponsor for the national trampoline event.

22. In 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement cooperated with TUV to make the Chinese trampoline park standard, and got the first CHINAMARK certificate.

23. In 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement got “star of Start - ups ”award by government , and we are the first and only one who got this kind title in amusement equipment filed.

24. In November, 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd upgraded to Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.

25. In December, 2017, Mr Wu Guanwu, the CEO of Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Group got an award of Youth Entrepreneurial Roal Model .


Our Product

Trampoline, Trampoline Park, Bungee Trampoline, Playground, EPP, Ninja Course, Rope Course.

Our Certificate

ASTM , TUV, SGS, CE, SASO, ISO9001, ISO4001, Etc.

Production Market

Australia, USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc.


How much space do I require to operate a trampoline park?

We would recommend 20,000 to 30,000 sq ft (1,900 to 2,800m2) or more to provide the optimal experience to your customers and financial payback to the operator. Smaller parks are also financially viable but we would suggest any smaller than 10,000 sq ft (930m2) starts to lessen the experience to your customers and should therefore be avoided.

Remember that trampoline activities will typically comprise between 55% to 65% of your total floor area with the rest being used for ancillary activities such as cafe, viewing, reception etc.

The larger your venue, the bigger the impact and “wow” factor on your customers resulting in higher attendance levels.

To tell us about your plans for a trampoline park and to discuss how we may help, 

What ceiling height do I need in my trampoline park?

We recommend a minimum clear height from the floor to the lowest roof obstruction of 5.5m. With the top of our trampoline park system being 1,000mm (areas without pits) to 1,500mm (areas with pits) this leaves you with 4m to 4.5m of clear jumping space. If you have pitted areas we would suggest aiming for a clear height of 6m or more if possible.

Please remember to think about lighting and air conditioning that may take up roof space when planning your park and choosing your building.

Do I need to planning permission?

You will need D2 planning permission and leisure usage. If you are selecting an industrial unit the main problem regarding planning consent is normally the amount of parking so it is important to understand your traffic plan and how many vehicles will visit your park at any one time based on its capacity.

What will my park cost to fit out?

We cost the different areas accurately (e.g. pitted areas, raised walkway areas, main jumping areas, basketball runways etc.) based on your preferred layout, but then we can combine that to give you an average cost per square meter.

The different elements are priced between USD80/m2 and USD130/m2 so the average is normally between those amounts (for our standard specification) and depends on the mix of activities you offer and your layout. A typical 25,000 sq ft facility with 60% trampoline area and a typical mix of activities will therefore cost around USD112500 to USD195000 + VAT for the trampolining related items. However please use this as a guideline for your budgeting - there are many variables and our costing methodology is far more detailed and accurate than a simple price per square meter so please call to discuss your project and to obtain an accurate costing.

As a manufacturing company we also offer a wide range of different specifications for many elements of our trampoline park system. Our standard system is the spec that we recommend, but we can remove some elements or provide a lower spec to save costs and equally we can provide additional elements and higher specs to certain areas to improve the look and functionality of your park. All these options and cost implications are discussed and explained at your meeting with our designers and estimators.

You will then have additional costs for your ancillary areas (lockers, reception, cafe, toilets etc.), decoration such as wall art and any services you require (lighting, heating, air conditioning)

How long does it take to build the park?

From receipt of your order and formal approval of a definitive layout to final installation will normally be 3 months. We manufacture everything in-house in our 100,000 sq ft factory in Wenzhou. We then bring everything to your location to install .The first 4 to 6 weeks of the process is in-house manufacture with installation taking place from 6 weeks onwards until completion.


Do you have sample plans you can send me?

We have a range of designs and 3D images available on our website so that you can get an idea of typical layouts.

As soon as you identify a potential building then if you can provide us with architectural plans of the building (or a dimension sketch) our in-house designers will work up a 2D CAD & 3D layout based on your suggestions or using our experience.

Once we have agreed the layout that best suits your needs we will provide a quotation and if the quotation is acceptable we will provide a 3D render of the park with shots from various angles that you can use for marketing the park to investors or your potential customers.

Where are the trampoline components made?

We manufacture all elements in our factory in Wenzhou and are not reliant on anyone else trampoline park design.

We have manufactured bespoke sports equipment for 30 years and can therefore work with you to design and manufacture bespoke elements to your park should you wish.

Do you install trampoline park system outside the China?

Yes. We can export a system to your facility anywhere other than North America. We have undertaken installations of sports halls and gymnastics facilities in America, England, Dubai, Philippine, Malaysia, Egypt, Australia and many other locations and can send the equipment with an installations manager to work with your teams.

What warranty do you provide?

Our business has been in existence for 30 years in China. We are the leading manufacturer of trampoline in the China. We are a partner of the country sport bureau (the China governing body of gymnastics and trampolining). It is our reputation in the field of gymnastics and trampolining that is your best warranty protection.

It is vital to us that our reputation is upheld and reinforced by our trampoline park system installations.

A formal product warranty will be included under the sale of your trampoline park system for between 24 months and 5 years depending on the element.

Am I restricted your standard colors?

Our designers will work with you to reflect your distinct branding, style and chosen look & feel or if you prefer we can suggest a scheme for your facility. We manufacture everything in-house so your choice of design variations is virtually unlimited and We offer 4 colors choices for the trampoline bed - black,blue, yellow,  and grey. Our jumping surface is Ultra Mesh which is an anti-slip heavy duty mesh that is much more pleasant to jump on that the shiny black material used by most trampoline park systems.

Around the bed we incorporate sewn in no-jumping zone borders. Those are available in 7 different colors. They can be consistent throughout your facility or you can use different colors in different areas - there are no restrictions as we sew all the beds in-house.

We offer 7 different colors of PVC for your padded elements (trampoline coverall pads and padded paneling). You can mix and match colors around and within your facility in any way you choose - our designers will work with you to show you how different color combinations in a 3D render.

Our metal framework is epoxy powder coated in matt black as standard but if for any reason you would like any other color we offer 3 different colors!

What makes your trampoline park different with others?

We offer the only fully China manufactured system, made in our factory with ASTM,TUV ,CE& ISO9001:2008 quality assurance as different countries.

We incorporate as standard various safety features including:

Ultra Mesh beds - we can explain the full difference between Ultra Mesh and standard shiny black poly mesh when we meet you, but if you could go and bounce on a trampoline with a standard shiny black poly mesh bed before you visit us we won’t need to explain how much better Ultra Mesh really is. Our beds are significantly less slippery.

Bed jumping boundaries - sewn in pvc webbing to show your customers where they should and shouldn’t jump

Spring protectors - innovative PVC covers with bungee cross-ties attached using velcro to the beds that provide a snug protective layer between the cover pads and the springs. This means if a hand or foot goes under the pads the customer cannot touch springs, just the PVC cover.

Netting and rebound panels - behind angled trampolines our system incorporates netting from above the top of the bed down to approximately 1m above the floor. Below that we have a carpet covered rebound panel with an aluminium kickplate. This ensures your customers can’t walk behind an angled bed and inadvertently (or purposely) have a collision with a jumper on the bed.

Epoxy powder coated steel frame - the quick and easy way to finish the steel is hot dip galvanized, but we provide a significantly more attractive finish than that with a hard-wearing epoxy powder coating to all metalwork.

Aesthetics - we have spent a lot of time working on our design to ensure that people will easily be able to tell apart a Continental made trampoline park and any other trampoline park due to the obvious quality, rigidity and engineering of our system. Our chamfered coverall pads, our rebound panels, our podium and our beds make our system the most attractive system available - the quality and attention to detail is clear.

Can I see and try out your trampoline park system?

Absolutely - we will have fully completed installations by next month and will provide details of those facilities as soon as they are completed, but in the meantime we strongly recommend you visit our showroom in our factory. We have a small set up that shows most of the elements we incorporate into a full system. You can look all over it, have a bounce and see the quality of our product first hand. At the same time we can discuss your project with you and start working on a layout to suit your plans.

Before you invest a substantial sum in your trampoline park we strongly recommend you visit our showroom to see our demo park. While you are with us you can also see the range of equipment we make and the substance of our operations. For example we also make a wide range of matting, gymnastics equipment, parkour systems, and furniture for changing rooms including bench seating and lockers.

We also strongly encourage you to visit any other potential supplier so you can compare the quality of the team of designers and engineers who will be working with you and so you can become comfortable and get to know your park suppliers. We are confident that you will be able to fully trust Continental with your facility and investment.


Why should I chose xiaofeixia to supply my trampoline park equipment?

Who we are - Many trampoline park customers may not have heard of xiaofeixia, but we are the leading manufacturer of trampolining equipment in China. Most people will recognize our name as the gymnasium equipment they used at school ,shop ,gym etc

Recognized expertise - We are a family owned China based company that has been involved in gymnastics and trampolining since its beginnings in China.

Trampolining specialists - We have made thousands of  trampolines that have been used at school,shopping center and trampoline park. Our specialist trampoline designers have designed large numbers of specialist trampolines including ones for Flip Out all over the world.

Gymnastics experience - We are the largest and first manufacturer of gymnastics equipment in China and have fitted out more trampoline park facilities in China than any other company. Standard elements of trampolines (above ground and sunken in pits), foam filled dismount pits, fast-tracks (long narrow trampoline tracks), tumble tracks, cushioned flooring, padding, raised podiums - in other words most of the elements that are needed for a trampoline park. We have been fitting out facilities with this sort of equipment since well before trampoline parks ever existed.

China manufacturer, installer and servicer - if you need spares or maintenance of want to add to your trampoline park or change its layout after opening we are here to help.

Insurance - trampolining is a safe activity when properly undertaken and monitored, but even while being used properly trampolining has the potential to cause accidents and injury to the user. As an operator you will have insurance to deal with any claims (and the costs of dealing with such claims) but you will want the reassurance that the equipment you buy has not been negligently made or installed.

Payment and risk - you know who you are paying. We will generally require a deposit to commence manufacture. You are welcome to visit our factory to see your system being manufactured and in the unlikely event you have any concerns we are here, in the same time zone, speaking your language and available to meet you in person to resolve any concerns.

Quality installation - we will provide installation drawing to you before you received the equipment . Also ,we can arrange our professional installation staff to your location to help you to finish it .

Do I need to pay for drawing?

No. Based on a dimension sketch or architectural drawings of your facility we will provide 2D & 3D drawings free of charge along with a quotation.

What are your payment term?

If you are a start-up business it is unlikely that we will be able to obtain credit insurance and payment terms will therefore be:

● 30% deposit with your order to commence manufacture

● 70% as stage payments before delivering.

If you would prefer to ask our engineer to your location to finish the installation,you need to pay ticket, room and meals also salary(USD120 per day for one person).

I am interested in starting developing a project with xiaofeixia. What do I do next?

We recommend you contact our sales team to discuss your project and how we may help.

You can do this in several ways:

1) Send email to us, we ask for various details and you can then send a description of your project and your specific enquiry. We will then email or call you back - please let us know which you prefer. 

We can then discuss your facility and requirements and provide you with a bespoke quotation and layout drawing and agree how you would like us to work with you until the launch of your facility.

Do you keep spare parts?

When we fit out your park we will provide you with a small stock of spares - standard beds, springs and velcro for any minor repairs.

Should you require any additional spares we maintain stocks at our factory.

For any special items (e.g. special beds in your specific colorway) we will manufacture the part the next business day following receipt of your order and ship it the next day.


What different elements can you offer in your trampoline park?

We have used our huge experience of manufacture and installation of gymnastics and trampolining equipment to develop a modular system for trampoline park installation. We make and install everything for your jumping area leaving you free to concentrate on the ancillary areas (reception, waiting and rest area, toilets, cafe etc.).

The elements we offer include:

● Flat beds - small and large beds to make up the main bouncing area

● Angled beds - at the edges to let you literally "bounce off the walls"!

● Tracks - long track style beds to allow run-ups to basketball goals and for advanced bouncers to practice tumbles

● Dodgeball - netted zonal areas to play the amazing fun game of bouncing dodgeball!

●  Basketball - make slam-dunking a walk in the park by having the basketball board at the end of a trampoline zone!

● Padded rest zones - tactically located to land on and rest between bouncing sessions

● Junior zones - smaller, lower trampoline zones for younger children to bounce often helped by parents or carers

●  Foam dismount pits - foam logs or cubes in huge pits to land in after somersaults or jumps

● Airbag landing zones - enormous inflated airbags for huge landings

● Fitness zones - an elevated single trampoline in front of an area of flat beds to hold instructor-led fitness classes

● Walk-the-wall - areas with recessed standard trampolines adjacent to walls to practise awesome Parkour skills.

And as Chinese make all these elements and a vast range of sports equipment in-house, if you have seen something you want or have an amazing idea for a new element please talk to us - if it is possible (and safe) we can probably make it!

For full details on our system please email us.

What construction standard do you work to?

Safety and construction standards and guidelines are something that we at Continental Sports take extremely seriously. Our gymnastics and trampolining equipment is in use in schools, gymnastics clubs, trampolining clubs and leisure centres throughout China and our reputation rests on our manufacture of equipment that is safe to use and of commercial robust quality suitable for insitution use.

Wherever there is a relevant America Standard (ASTM),Australia Standard (ATPA),Chinese Standard (GB 19079.23-2013),British Standard, European Standard or standard of the FIG (Fédération International de Gymnastique) then we comply with it. Our entire procurement, manufacturing and sales process is audited to ISO9001:2008 standard.

There are currently no EU or British Standards relevant to the design and construction of trampoline parks. There is however a USA standard issued by ASTM International. Known until 2001 as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

ASTM have issued a standards document: ASTM F2970 - 13 "Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Major Modification of Trampoline Courts"

We manufacture our trampoline park system in compliance to all construction standards stated in that guidance and in virtually all cases exceed the minimum requirement. In the absence of any other standard we believe it is vital that you ensure your park complies with this standard - please check that your manufacturer is aware of this standard and obtain confirmation they comply with it.

The standard also includes guidance on maintenance of trampoline parks and some useful operational guidelines and we strongly recommend you purchase a copy to assist with your planning.

Can you undertake maintenance of my trampoline park?

Xiaofeixia has a trampoline equipment maintenance division. We have a fleet of vehicles stocked with spare parts and knowledgable, experienced maintenance technicians that travel around the world undertaking contract planned and ad-hoc reactive maintenance of trampolines equipment for schools, councils, clubs and leisure centres.

We normally undertake maintenance visits to each centre for planned maintenance annually or semi-annually depending on the level of usage. Given the risk profile and usage level of a trampoline park we recommend 3rd party maintenance is undertaken at least semi-annually and ideally quarterly.

Our engineers check all welds, nuts, bolts, pads, springs, nets, boards etc. and carry out as many repairs on site as they can. Any major remedial work is then quoted for to be carried out on a later date.  We then provide a health and safety certificate for you to display in your premises to confirm we have undertaken the work and left the park in a safe state.

We charge for this service on a time and materials basis - please contact us to discuss budget pricing.

We do not carry out maintenance of trampoline parks manufactured and installed by companies other than Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co Group., Ltd.

Is there a governing body or trade association for trampoline parks?

There is a USA based organization, the "International Association of Trampoline Parks" which is able offer guidance and advice. They offer an excellent Patron Education Video which may be great for you to use in your park's induction and training program to educate your customers on how to safely enjoy a trampoline park.

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